Freight transport

  • Local freight transport

    Local freight forwarding in Europe

    OsaCargo has more than 5 years of experience in local freight forwarding. We are providing local freight transportation services in Baltic region.

  • Freight forwarding in Europe

    International freight transport

    We provide international freight forwarding services all around Europe. Reliable service and a professional team is always there to help.

  • Direct delivery logistics

    Freight transport in Latvia

    Our direct delivery logistics service has become one of the most trusted services among freight forwarding companies in Northern Europe.

Freight transport in Europe

Your Nr.1 Freight transport company in Europe

OsaCargo has been operating in the freight transportation business for more than 5 years now and we have proven that our company is here to stay. With our high quality standards we believe we can top the western Europe markets.

We are operating in West Europe already. Connecting Baltic states with the rest of the Europe. As OsaCargo is known to be working all around Europe and with so many partnering companies, that we have to state – No matter the circumstances or situation – any job will be done.

OsaCargo is on its way to become the Nr. 1 freight transportation company in Europe.

Experience in freight forwarding

Experienced employees are always there to give you answers to your questions.

OsaCargo probably has the best specialists in Latvia when it comes to freight forwarding. The team will make sure that your loads are delivered to the right destination, secure and always on time.

Quality freight forwarding services

One of the fastest growing freight forwarding companies in Europe.

OsaCargo is a very fast growing freight forwarding company with its head-office based in Latvia. We are working hard to deliver the best possible service to all of our customers.

Contact us and get the best price request – OsaCargo – freight transport in Latvia.