Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are generated for small parcel deliveries such as packages / suitcases / boxes etc. For pallets and full truck loads please see LAFF General Rules and Regulations as well as CMR convention.

Delivery Dates:

1. All delivery dates are approximate and may change due to different external reasons. By accepting the Invoice customer is aware and agrees that many circumstances can cause delays during the pick-up or delivery.

Size and Weight Restrictions

2. Customer agrees to hand over to the courier service / truck driver the exact number of packages ordered. All packages must comply with the size and weight restrictions.

3. .If the customer hands over fewer or more packages, suitcase or pallets, or packages, suitcases or pallets which are heavier, the client will be required to pay all additional expenses generated by this unilateral modification

4. In case of cancellation of the order, the customer agrees not to hand over the packages, suitcases or pallets to the courier service / truck driver, if he arrives at the pick-up address. In case that the customer does hand over the packages, suitcases or pallets, the client will be responsible for all the expenses incurred.

5. In case customer decides to send more items than booked, or package / pallet is oversized or overweight it will be fully customers responsibility to cover all extra costs. OsaCargo reserves the right to demand this extra cost from the customer administrative fees start from 15EUR.

6. Customer will be notified in writing and customer must pay the additional amount, indicated within a maximum period of seven (7) days. Such notice is considered enforceable without judicial declaration. In case that OsaCargo does not receive the payment within the above mentioned period, the customer is obligated to cover the costs of the executive collection procedure.

7. The restrictions of packages / suitcases are as follows: maximum length 175cm, Length + 2 times the width + 2 times the height should not exceed 300 cm. Only on special request and by OsaCargo authorization these sizes can be exceeded.

Shipment of Pallets / Packages / Suitcases

8. Special or individual requests should be sent in writing to the email address info@osacargo.com with the following information:

-Number of pallets / boxes/ suitcases
-Exact dimensions (height, width and length)
-Exact weight
-Content and value of the shipment
-Complete pick-up and delivery address (country, city, street + street number, door bell name or number)
-Specifications if the user is interested in purchasing additional insurance
-Working hours

Confirmation and Cancellation of Order

9. After placing an order customer will receive Invoice and Order (pallets), or only Invoice (boxes / suitcases / small loads and items) which confirms that this order has been accepted.

10. All orders (boxes / suitcases only) are non-refundable after the customer places the order in case courier service has made at least 1 attempt to pick it up and it has been unsuccessful due to wrong pick up address or consignee not present. OsaCargo will organize another pick up without any additional cost in the next working day available.

11. Parcel is considered to have been picked-up successfully if the tracking information of the courier company indicates that it has been collected.

12. In the case of loss of a package / suitcase OsaCargo offers customer support in submitting complaints to the selected courier service provider. However, the decision about the admissibility of the insurance is made solely by the courier company or by the insurance company.

13. In case you wish to cancel your order you have to submit a form stating all details:

-Invoice and/or Order number
-Company details / if private person then name and surname
-date of placing the order
-Name of consignee
-Reason of cancellation
-Banking details

13.1. No refunds will be granted in case courier / truck driver has already picked up the package.
13.2. In case courier / truck driver has made at least 1 attempt to pick up, but customer decides to cancel the order Osa Cargo is entitled to keep 50% of the payment made according to Invoice.


14. In case of any misunderstandings about the pick up, delivery, damages, OsaCargo might ask to send copy of pick up notice (P.O.D. or CMR) that courier / truck driver always leaves when package / suitcase / pallet has been picked up, customer has to save this document until the package / suitcase / pallet has been delivered.

15. Courier service / truck driver has all rights to refuse the collection of parcels which exceed any dimensions mentioned in the order (too big, too heavy) or inadequately packaged but is not obligated to check the adequacy of the packaging or the contents of the parcels. Furthermore, if purchased, extra insurance coverage will not apply to these items.

16. In order to prevent damage, the customer must be aware that, despite the caution measure taken by courier services providers, packages, suitcases or pallets are unloaded, sorted and mechanically loaded and therefore they must be properly packaged.

17. On the date of delivery, the recipient must be at the delivery address between 9:00 and 18:00 local time.

18. By indicating the delivery address in the booking process, the customer guarantees that it is a standard delivery address publicly known, in which shipments are received regularly. An indication of a generic address, such as a port, where there may be a failed delivery, is not enough. Consequently, the shipment will be returned to the sender at the expense of the customer. In the case of new buildings, by accepting these Terms and Conditions the customer confirms that the address is already known to transportation service providers and that he or she has already received shipments to this address in the past.

19. If delivery is not successful on the day scheduled for a reason, not pertaining to the selected courier service provider (i.e, because the person appointed to receive the delivery is not present), in most of the countries the next delivery attempt will be made on the next few business days. In the absence of the client, delivery will be considered effective against consignee signature of any person, found present at the delivery address, who is willing to take the delivery of the shipment, unless there is good reason to doubt such a person’s entitlement to take delivery. There is no obligation on the selected courier service provider to check the identity of such a person (e.g. on the basis of an identity card).

20. The selected courier service provider is entitled to deliver the package / suitcase to an alternate address (neighboring address, local post office or delivery point). In this case, the courier company will leave a note with the location of delivery of the shipment on the main address indicated. If the package, suitcase or pallet is not picked up within seven (7) days of the first delivery attempt, the selected courier service provider reserves the right to return the shipment to the pick-up address at the expense of the user. According to these Terms and Conditions, additional costs will be charged to the customer.

21. Any damages to the shipment must be reported at the moment of the delivery by filling a damage report with the driver or by signing with reservation the proof of delivery. Otherwise, the selected courier company or the insurance company may reject any claim for damages.